Film Maker&Visual Artist

With a concentration on art photography and digital painting, blending Eastern philosophy with Western aesthetics, Sadreddini’s work takes the hidden aspects of ourseleves, utilizes the  human body shape as focal point, combining raw and grungy textures as a mean of conveying human emotions. About his work, he states “ despite  usage of nude bodies in my works, it’s not my intention to create erotica. I want instead to visualize the human depth and reflect silent  emotions, melancholic mood and sorrow.” There is fragility in his images, giving a breath of warmth and intimacy with the subject as he draws you into the rooms of the poetic story he has painted, giving you a hint of déjà vu – both familiar and personal.

In 2011 he was recognized by the world renown Saatchi Online Showcase Competition, making it to the top ten visual artists awarded. Additional achievements include works exhibited in the Art Paris Annual Art Fair where took place in 'Le Grande Palais'.